Life vs Robots

Defend your home from robots invasion and learn about Embryological Evidence for Common Ancestry.

In this project our team created the entire game since the concept based on a given learning objective. We worked close to teachers to deliver the best experience for the targeted audiance with accurate content.

Key features

  • Targeted to students from 10 to 12 years old
  • Students learn about Embryological Evidence for Common Ancestry
  • Used in classes to help real teachers
  • A single continuos level with increasing difficulty
  • Level difficulty based on student's knowledge
  • Content created by specialized professionals
  • Questions made by teachers
  • Beautiful art
  • A very familiar gameplay to ease students learning


  • Client: Legends of Learning
  • Date: May 2017
  • Services:
    • game design
    • production
    • programming
    • art
  • Tags:


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